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Web Exploitation

Acquire the industry required skills and insure a robust career in the domain of cyber security.

Advanced Web Exploitation & Penetration Test

Master Cyber Security Skills

Learn from the expert & experienced cyber security researchers and trainers. Gain in-depth, practical knowledge & master your cyber security skills.

Showcase your expertise

Take a certification exam and get your skills and expertise recognize with a certificate from hacker guru.

Gain practical experience

30+ Labs will introduce you with real life security issues and will give you in-depth practical knowledge of web in-securities and exploitation skills.

Get mentored by experts

Get mentor ship from expert and experienced ethical hackers, security researchers and penetration testers, who bring the industry perspective.

Earn yourself a certificate of achievement


  • Common Web Architecture
  • Application Development Cycles
  • Web Application Hosting
  • Vulnerability Scanning with Aranchi
  • Dealing with complex applications
  • Injection Methodology
  • Data Exfiltration Attacks
  • SQL Injection Tools
  • XML & XPath Injection
  • WordPress Testing & Exploitation
  • SharePoint Testing & Exploitation
  • Introduction
  • Web Filtering
  • Web Application Firewalls Bypass
  • Bypassing controls
  • XSS Bypass
  • SQLi Bypass
  • Introduction to ZAP
  • Active Scan with ZAP
  • Passive Scan with ZAP
  • Fuzz Requests with ZAP
  • In-depth Burp Suite
  • Exploiting Remote File Inclusion
  • Remote Code Execution
  • Local file inclusion & code execution attack
  • PHP file upload attack
  • Infiltrating Session via XSS
  • Exploiting XSS
  • Discovering & Exploiting DOM based XSS
  • Advance Payloads
  • BeEF
  • Exploiting XSRF
  • Building XSS/XSRF Worm
  • Identifying Crypto
  • Data Encoding Analysis
  • Attacking Encryption Keys
  • Attacking Stream Ciphers
  • Attacking ECB Mode Ciphers
  • Exploiting CBC Bit Flipping
  • Web Crypto Exploitation
  • Course Summary
  • Report Writing

Additional Information

  • Web Penetration Testers
  • Engineering Students
  • Cyber Security Practitioners
  • Penetration Testers & Ethical Hackers
  • Computer Science Students
  • Cyber Security Enthusiasts
  • System Engineers

This course assumes that the attendee have strong understanding of web penetration test techniques and methodology. 

  • Perform advanced Local File Include (LFI) / Remote File Include (RFI), Blind SQL injection (SQLi), and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) combined with Cross-Site Request Forger (XSRF) discovery and exploitation
  • Exploit advanced vulnerabilities common to most backend language like Mass Assignments, Type Juggling, and Object Serialization
  • Perform JavaScript-based injection against ExpressJS, Node.js, and NoSQL
  • Understand the special testing methods for content management systems such as SharePoint and WordPress
  • Identify and exploit encryption implementations within web applications and frameworks
  • Discover XML Entity and XPath vulnerabilities in SOAP or REST web services and other datastores
  • Use tools and techniques to work with and exploit HTTP/2 and Web Sockets
  • Identify and bypass Web Application Firewalls and application filtering techniques to exploit the system
  • Access to hackers guru cloud based labs.
  • Study Material & Course Slides.
  • Course Completion Certificate.
  • Job Assistance.
  • 10 Weeks

Fee Details

Training Fee: ₹25,000/-

Certification Exam Voucher: ₹9,999/-


Batch Start Dates

Batch Start Dates

04 May 2020


application deadline

03 May 2020

We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

I work as a web developer and was always attracted to cyber security. When hackers guru offered the cyber security certification, I decided to have it and get my career a future make over. The course is very crisp and in a short period of time they cover all the topics.

Rahul Bose

Web App Developer

My experience with this course is phenomenal, and all my expectation have been met. I liked the course very much, They have covered everything from the basics to the advanced. They have covered it all. I have no hesitation to give this course 4.5 starts out of 5.

Vedant Dutta

Engineering Student

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