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SOC Analyst

Gain in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience of security analysis and security operations.

Hackers Guru Certified SOC Analyst

Master Cyber Security Skills

Learn from the expert & experienced cyber security researchers and trainers. Gain in-depth, practical knowledge & master your cyber security skills.

Showcase your expertise

Take a certification exam and get your skills and expertise recognize with a certificate from hacker guru.

Gain practical experience

30+ Labs will introduce you with real life security issues and will give you in-depth practical knowledge of security operations.

Get mentored by experts

Get mentor ship from expert and experienced ethical hackers, security researchers and penetration testers, who bring the industry perspective.

Earn yourself a certificate of achievement


  • Introduction
  • The 3 Principles of Cyber Security
  • The 3 States of Data
  • Cyber Security Countermeasures
  • Introduction to SOC
  • Current State Assessment
  • Adversarial Dominance
  • Traditional Cyber Attacks
  • Traditional Cyber Defense
  • Modern Cyber Threats
  • Client Side Attacks
  • Client Side Targets
  • Post Exploitation
  • Modern Cyber Defense Principles
  • Routers
  • Network Firewall
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Network IDS/IPS
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Malware Detonation Devices
  • Forward Proxies
  • SIEM
  • Network Packet Capture Device
  • Adversary Deception Services
  • Threat Intelligence
  • NSM Overview
  • Evolution of NSM
  • The NSM Toolbox
  • NIDS Designs
  • Analysis Methodology
  • NSM Data Sources
  • Tracking EXEs
  • Identifying Command & Control Traffic
  • Tracking User Agents
  • C2 via HTTPS
  • Tracking Encryption Certificates
  • Windows Endpoint
  • Patching
  • Secure Baseline Configuration
  • EMET
  • Sysmon
  • Application Whitelisting
  • Privilege Monitoring
  • Privilege Reduction
  • Authentication
  • Post Authentication
  • Security Support Provider
  • Advance Authentication Attacks
  • Anti-malware
  • Endpoint Firewall
  • Host Based IDS/IPS
  • Industry Best Practices
  • CSM Techniques
  • Situational Awareness
  • Host & Service Discovery
  • Passive OS Detection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Patch Monitoring
  • System Logs Monitoring
  • Monitoring Changes to Devices
  • Analyzing Firewall/Proxy Logs
  • Centralized Logging
  • Critical Events
  • Scripting & Automation

Additional Information

  • Penetration Testers & Ethical Hackers
  • Systems Admins
  • Cyber Security Professionals
  • InfoSec Enthusiasts
  • Computer Science Students
  • CND Analyst
  • Security Researchers
  • SOC Analyst/Architects
  • Basic understanding of network protocols and devices
  • Experience with Linux and Windows from the command line
  • Analyze a security architecture for deficiencies
  • Apply the principles learned in the course to design a defensible security architecture
  • Understand the importance of a detection-dominant security architecture and Security Operations Centers (SOC)
  • Identify the key components of Network Security Monitoring (NSM)/Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)/Continuous Monitoring (CM)
  • Determine appropriate security monitoring needs for organizations of all sizes
  • Implement robust Network Security Monitoring/Continuous Security Monitoring
  • Determine requisite monitoring capabilities for a SOC environment
  • Determine capabilities required to support continuous monitoring of key Critical Security Controls
  • Utilize tools to support implementation of Continuous Monitoring per NIST guidelines SP 800-137


  • Linux-based local labs
  • Linux-based networked labs
  • Windows 10-based local labs
  • Windows 10-based networked labs


  • Access to hackers guru cloud based labs.
  • Study Material & Course Slides.
  • Course Completion Certificate.
  • Job Assistance.
  • 8 Weeks

Fee Details

Training Fee: ₹25,000/-

Certification Exam Voucher: ₹9,999/-


Batch Start Dates

Batch Start Dates

11 May 2020


application deadline

11 May 2020

We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

I work as a web developer and was always attracted to cyber security. When hackers guru offered the cyber security certification, I decided to have it and get my career a future make over. The course is very crisp and in a short period of time they cover all the topics.

Rahul Bose

Web App Developer

My experience with this course is phenomenal, and all my expectation have been met. I liked the course very much, They have covered everything from the basics to the advanced. They have covered it all. I have no hesitation to give this course 4.5 starts out of 5.

Vedant Dutta

Engineering Student

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