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Security Ninja by Hackers Guru

Security Ninja is an advance cyber security training program which gives you in-depth knowledge of web penetration test, network penetration test, SIEM & SOC analysis and cyber incident detection and response.

Web Hacking

Web Application Pentest


Network Hacking

Network Pentest



Network Analysis and Threat Hunting


SIEM & SOC Analysis

Security Analysis




₹ 1,45,000

Security Ninja Offer

₹ 1,20,000

Students will gain in-depth knowledge about the web apps and how to find and exploit vulnerabilities of a web application.

Get in-depth knowledge about network architecture, protocols, vulnerabilities and network exploitation techniques.

You will learn about wireless devices, protocols,vulnerabilities and hacking of wireless devices such as WiFi, Bluetooth.

Learn about web app architecture and advance methods of application exploitation, gain in-depth knowledge of web exploitation tools.

Real world exploitation techniques of Microsoft windows OS, Learn how to identify and exploit windows OS vulnerabilities and take control over the OS remotely.

Master the art of hacking with Metaspolit , you will gain in-depth knowledge of offensive security practices using metaspolit framework with some real-world use cases. 

Write or customize exploits for penetration testing. You will gain in-depth knowledge writing exploits for windows/linux to exploit their security loopholes.

Gain the real world knowledge cyber security operations, log analysis, network monitoring, network traffic analysis using wireshark and tcpdump etc.

Students will learn the incident response process, from building an IR kit and developing an IR team, to identifying, containing, and recovering from incidents.

In this course students will gain n depth knowledge about network full packet analysis, network forensics, threat detecting using real world tools and techniques.

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