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Acquire the industry required skills and insure a robust career in the domain of cyber security.

Network Penetration Test & Ethical Hacking

Master Cyber Security Skills

Learn from the expert & experienced cyber security researchers and trainers. Gain in-depth, practical knowledge & master your cyber security skills.

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Take a certification exam and get your skills and expertise recognize with a certificate from hacker guru.

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30+ Labs will introduce you with real life security issues and will give you in-depth practical knowledge of network in-securities and exploitation skills.

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Get mentor ship from expert and experienced ethical hackers, security researchers and penetration testers, who bring the industry perspective.

Earn yourself a certificate of achievement


  • Definitions
  • Pentest Methodology
  • Approach
  • Querying Web & Search Engines
  • WhoIs Lookup
  • DNS Querying
  • BGP Querying
  • Recon-ng
  • Automating Enumeration
  • Network Packet Crafting
  • IDS Evasion & Filter Circumvention
  • AV Evasion
  • Low Level IP Assessment
  • Enumerating Users
  • Netcat For Hackers
  • Accessing DNS Service
  • Accessing Auth Service
  • Accessing SSL/Telnet
  • Accessing LDAP/AD
  • Accessing Web Servers
  • John The Ripper
  • Cain & Able
  • Rainbow Table Attack
  • Pass The Hash Attack
  • Reconnaissance Tools
  • Network Scanning Tools
  • Exploitation Framework
  • Network Sniffing
  • Network Tracing
  • Port Scanning
  • OS Fingerprinting &
  • Version Gathering
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Introduction to Metaspolit
  • Metaspolit AV Evasion
  • Integration of Tools in Metaspolit
  • Command Shell
  • Terminal Access
  • Accessing Microsoft SQL
  • Accessing Oracle / MySql
  • Accessing & Moving Files using Exploits
  • Pilfering From Target Machine
  • Windows Command Line
  • Making Windows Execute Commands Remotely
  • Accessing Windows Services
  • Powershell for Hackers

Additional Information

  • Network Engineers
  • Engineering Students
  • Cyber Security Practitioners
  • Penetration Testers & Ethical Hackers
  • Computer Science Students
  • Cyber Security Enthusiasts
  • Forensics Experts
  • We assumes that students will have basic knowledge of Linux Command Line.
  • We assumes that students will have basic knowledge of TCI/IP.
  • Students needs to bring their own laptops. If you don’t have one, please let us know in advance.
  • Develop tailored scoping and rules of engagement for penetration testing projects to ensure the work is focused, well defined, and conducted in a safe manner
  • Conduct detailed reconnaissance using document metadata, search engines, and other publicly available information sources to build a technical and organizational understanding of the target environment
  • Utilize the Nmap scanning tool to conduct comprehensive network sweeps, port scans, Operating System fingerprinting, and version scanning to develop a map of target environments
  • Choose and properly execute Nmap Scripting Engine scripts to extract detailed information from target systems
  • Configure and launch the Nessus vulnerability scanner so that it discovers vulnerabilities through both authenticated and unauthenticated scans in a safe manner, and customize the output from such tools to represent the business risk to the organization
  • Analyze the output of scanning tools to manually verify findings and perform false positive reduction using Netcat and the Scapy packet crafting tools
  • Utilize the Windows and Linux command lines to plunder target systems for vital information that can further overall penetration test progress, establish pivots for deeper compromise, and help determine business risks
  • Configure the Metasploit exploitation tool to scan, exploit, and then pivot through a target environment in-depth
  • Conduct comprehensive password attacks against an environment, including automated password guessing (while avoiding account lockout), traditional password cracking, rainbow table password cracking, and pass-the-hash attacks
  • Launch web application vulnerability scanners such as ZAP and then manually exploit Cross-Site Request Forgery, Cross-Site Scripting, Command Injection, and SQL injection attacks to determine the business risks faced by an organization

There’s massive demand of cyber security professionals across the planet. As per IBM India’s employment report, India needs 3 million cyber security professionals but the availability is less then 100K.

After talking this course you will be able to work on various cyber security roles such as:

  • Network Penetration Testers
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Forensics Expert
  • Security Researchers
  • Data Center Security Engineer etc
  • Access to hackers guru cloud based labs.
  • Study Material & Course Slides.
  • Course Completion Certificate.
  • Job Assistance.
  • 8 Weeks

Fee Details

Training Fee: ₹15,999/-

Certification Exam Voucher: ₹4,999/-


Batch Start Dates

20 April 2020


application deadline

19 April 2020

I work as a web developer and was always attracted to cyber security. When hackers guru offered the cyber security certification, I decided to have it and get my career a future make over. The course is very crisp and in a short period of time they cover all the topics.

Rahul Bose

Web App Developer

My experience with this course is phenomenal, and all my expectation have been met. I liked the course very much, They have covered everything from the basics to the advanced. They have covered it all. I have no hesitation to give this course 4.5 starts out of 5.

Vedant Dutta

Engineering Student

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